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 Playing Cards

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PostSubject: Playing Cards   Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:39 am

I've read a few people here say they are not card workers. Considering the popularity of cards, why not?

I understand if this is personal taste, some people simply don't like cards, like I don't like linking rings, but otherwise, I believe cards are fantastic for use in magic, bizarre magic, and mentalism.

Kreskin uses cards very effectively in his work and has done so for many decades (video below). Bob Cassidy, Richard Osterlind, Max Maven, Chan Canasta, Derren Brown, and Paul Vigil who says magicians and mentalists who choose not to use cards, do so because they are lazy. Neutral

As far as the general public, I don't think they care at all, they want to be entertained, mystified, they could care less what props we use, but rather how we use them. After many performances, I don't believe the use of playing cards diminishes impact whatsoever.

Mick Ayres wrote: "If a mentalist doesn't want to use a prop as common as a deck of cards in his show--then he certainly shouldn't. But if a 'Fear of Comparison' issue is the motivation, then he might consider dropping those slate boards so no one thinks he is just a ancient school teacher with nothing else to do--or get rid of the clipboards, post-it notes and pencils so no one compares him to a moonlighting accountant. My decision to use playing cards is based on hard-earned knowledge and experience...not a well-intentioned, but mis-guided concern."

So what do you think about the use of playing cards in mentalism, bizarre magic, or as a mystery performer?