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     The Launch of Artefacts.....

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    Christopher J Gould

    Registration date : 2008-03-17

    PostSubject: The Launch of Artefacts.....   Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:30 pm

    In September, we will be launching Artefacts.

    Artefacts is where the creativity from our combined minds will be manifest as physical matter (i.e., you can buy the stuff).

    There are some really exciting projects on the boil already and some truly great thinking from a range of angles.

    At the Moment, there is a core team working together to bring this to you. Also, there are other names from the world of Mystery entertainment who will be putting out exclusive Alchemy Moon releases.

    Do we really need another magic dealer?

    Alchemy Moon Artefacts intends to be very different to any other on-line magic store. Our aim in not commercial success, but in creating a conduit of thinking that will result in work of exceptional quality and revolutionary concepts. All of the work put out through Artefacts will have undergone a lengthy period of gestation. Where the Artefactors will have discussed, matured and developed every aspect of the work. An Artefact will never be released until it is perfect.

    There will be no big fan-fare - no hype - no bullshit. Just the highest of standards and the most radical of thinking.

    Like Alchemy Moon itself -Artefacts will burn very slowly. Only people who are lead here will know of it.......

    I can assure you that the work will be like no other and will cause something of a sensation.

    As Alexandre would say - 'Good times ahead'.
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    Christopher J Gould

    Registration date : 2008-03-17

    PostSubject: Submissions to Artifacts.   Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:39 pm

    Perhaps you have something to contribute to Artefacts?

    Perhaps you have an idea, a document, an essay, an effect that you think may fit into the Artefacts canon of work.

    If you feel this is the case, please contact me.

    Be warned, it will be quite a lengthy process.

    First of all, we will decide if the work has the potential to meet what will be the highest standards of any magic retailer.
    We will then invite you into a specially made room to discuss and evolve the work. This may take days, it may take years.
    This is not the place for a quick buck - neither is it the place for someone who has just read the 13 steps and thinks he has the 'next great thing' (unless he does have the next great thing!).


    The door is always open.....
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    Christopher J Gould

    Registration date : 2008-03-17

    PostSubject: Re: The Launch of Artefacts.....   Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:22 pm

    As a sneak preview, I will be putting out three Artefacts on the Launch day of September 1st.

    The first one will be 'Cuss Cards'.

    Cuss cards is a routine that I have been working on for about five years or more.
    It is a piece of psychological drama, a sort of 'smash and grab' - only gambling with your immortal soul.
    It questions the 'primitive' belief system that is the seed bed for the fragile constructs of our socially constructed belief systems, and expose us to a deeper and more visceral experience.
    It challenges our moral stance and is guaranteed to create emotionally heated discussion, as well as expose the moral integrity of all who witness the event.

    Anyone who can make it to the Selly Oak Seance this Friday will see me perform the final version for the first time......
    I am genuinely quite terrified, but I have promised. You see, if it goes wrong, there is [i][b]far[i][b] more at stake that a loss of face!

    Here we may see one of the elemental forces that will be at play.

    The cards are all hand drawn and aged, with imagery taken from Renaissance and Medieval prints. Each card explores a major metaphysical concept from that time and takes us into a dark and dangerous world of our own unconscious.

    .....hey, it should be fun!
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    Age : 53
    Location : South Florida
    Registration date : 2008-03-14

    PostSubject: Re: The Launch of Artefacts.....   Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:53 pm

    Superb!!! Can't wait to get my hands on an official set.
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    PostSubject: Re: The Launch of Artefacts.....   

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    The Launch of Artefacts.....
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