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 The Jack the Ripper seance, July 25th

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Registration date : 2010-02-02

PostSubject: The Jack the Ripper seance, July 25th   Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:25 am

The World-Famous Jack the Ripper Seance & Ghost Hunt!

Sunday 25th July, 7pm - 10pm.
Treadwells Esoteric Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London. WC2E 7PB.
Ticket price: 18 per person.
Event limited to strictly 20 guests.

Hosted by seance experts and experienced occultists Paul Voodini and Chris Carter, the Jack the Ripper seance and ghost hunt will take place in the meeting room at Treadwell's bookshop in Covent Garden, London on the evening of Sunday 25th July from 7pm until 10pm.

This will be a hugely entertaining and exciting evening of table-tipping, glass moving, and mind-reading, a ghost hunt/walk around the theatre land of Covent Garden, all culminating with a seance in the dark with the express intention of communicating with the spirit of Jack the Ripper himself and his unfortunate victims.

A mythical piece of Ripper folklore - Abberline's Repository - will also be on display and it's occult and paranormal properties will be demonstrated. Detective Abberline was one of the most prominent police officers involved with the Ripper case, and his "repository" contains many items that he acquired from the scenes of the murders. Many of these items appear to have devilish and paranormal qualities; these qualities will be demonstrated on the night.

The evening will be strictly limited to just 20 guests. The full itinery of the event will run along these lines:

7pm - 8pm. Short psychic workshop to get all guests ready for the night of paranormal activity that lies ahead, followed by an exhibition of mind-reading and a demonstration of Abberline's Repository with Paul Voodini and Chris Carter.

8pm - 8.30pm. A ghost hunt/walk around Covent Garden. Guests will be shown many points of interest around Covent Garden and will be told of dark deeds, murders, mysteries and the ghosts and ghouls of London's famous Theatre Land! Where and whom was the inspiration for the Phanotom of the Opera? Is it true that Jack the Ripper's evil grip extended into the theatres and alleyways of Victorian Covent Garden?

8.30pm - 10.00pm. Finally a genuine seance and glass moving & table-tipping session in the dark with the express intention of communicating with Jack the Ripper, his unfortunate victims, and any of Olde London Town's multitude of foul murderers! All guests shall hold hands in the pitch darkness and utter the immortal lines: "Is there anybody there?" Let us see who or indeed what answers!

As spaces at this event are strictly limited, you are encouraged to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. Tickets are sold on a strictly first come, first served basis.

To purchase tickets please visit
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The Jack the Ripper seance, July 25th
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