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 Hope you are all well here.

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Christopher J Gould

Registration date : 2008-03-17

PostSubject: Hope you are all well here.   Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:12 am

Hope someone is around in these mysterious and dark halls.

I have been very busy of late trying to get AM Bazaar launched.
There have been the inevitable pitfalls along the way.
First - Keith from Blackheart complained about Alchemy Moon Artefacts sounding like Blackheart Artefacts. I could not see it myself, however, I respect Keith's work and think he is one of the 'good guys' so I changed the name - however, as this meant the whole website had to be changed and a fair bit of printing on the stuff that i had ready to go - this took a bit of time out of things.

The next thing that happened was even more problematic. Literally days before the opening of the Bazaar tent-flaps. Kenton Knepper puts out an effect that is based on exactly the same dual reality principle as my Hypnocard. to be fair to Kenton, it is clear that he has been working on this idea longer than I have on the Hypnocard. It is just one of those cases of spontaneous parallel creation. Although the two effects are substantially different. There are too many similarities for me to feel comfortable putting it out. As a result, Alexandre contacted Knepper asking for his advice. I was hoping for him to at least talk to us, look at our work and come to some agreement. The email we got was so condescending it made us quite sick. It was even written in the third person (Kenton, we know you wrote it and not one of you vast army of workers!). I like Kenton and think he has made a significant contribution to our art, so this was doubly disappointing. So I am left with a crate-full of Hypnocards, and not sure what to do with them. As Kenton will not talk to us, we may well just give them away! If anyone is interested - and it is someone who I know and trust here, I will send you the pdf's - If you do know Kneppers effect, I would be interested in your opinion.


So, this cost a lost of time and put the launch back again. However, I would rather launch strong and with everything in place.

So, my plan for the launch will be before the end of this week - I am not fixing a firm date yet, as I am waiting for a definite on a couple of things from my harassed printer. I am launching in a very cautious way.

The first wave of the launch - I am going to password protect the site and only let 40 people in - the reason for this is simply that I know that I can supply to 40 people by next post.

After that, I will let the password out to anyone recommended by the 40 initial members. Reason for this is the same as above - I want to make sure that I am only selling what I can deliver.
By this time, I will be able to assess the situation and make a proper launch.

Obviously, members of the Moon have an automatic entry to the Bazaar - if you want one. Simply PM me and I will send you the website address and the password. Again, I am limiting it to 40 people, so although there is no obligation to buy when there, I do want to make sure that the 40 people let in have a real interest and are not merely curious.

Existing playtesters and Lodge Members - I have not forgotten you. Your stuff will be in the post by the end of next week! You should get it before Halloween!

Finally, keep an eye on the Bazaar blog.
as I will be putting up some images and film of the final releases soon!

also, good time to sign up to the Bazaar forum for specific news about products (I do not intend to pollute this forum with cheap plugs - although I could be lying!)

who needs bed!
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Hope you are all well here.
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