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 The Chimney Sweep's Victorian Oracle

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PostSubject: The Chimney Sweep's Victorian Oracle   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:00 am

Today sees the official launch of my Chimney Sweep's Victorian Oracle. It makes a nice change from the usual tarot and utilises playing cards and pendulum. The oracle comes in a nice replica Victorian tin, so you can customise your kit with other items, eg haunted key, coins, etc. The more hard-core amongst you may also like to source genuine Victorian cards etc to add to the authenticity of the set. However you are supplied with British Waddington stock cards so you can start using the set right away!

Available now from

Full details:

In Victorian London, the chimney sweep was a man who lived half way between night & day, between light & dark. A man who breathed smoke and handled hot coals. A man who, it was believed, talked to demons and angels as he made his way upwards through the chimney from the hearth to the stars. A man who cheated Death on a daily basis.

To shake hands with a sweep was to bring yourself good luck, and if a woman should kiss a sweep then folklore dictated that she would be pregnant within the year, and the child would have the ’gift’ of clairvoyance. And for those souls brave enough to cross his palm with a silver sixpence, the sweep would always carry with him his pendulum and his cards and he would tell your fortune. Good or ill. The sweep would see it all.

The Victorian Séance Co. presents the Chimney Sweep’s Victorian Oracle. The Victorianesque tin contains pendulum, cards, and a ribbon from the hair of the first lady the sweep read for. Legend holds that the virgin sweep would give his first reading for free, but as payment would take the ribbon from the lady’s hair. From that day onwards a portion of that lady’s soul would always be with the sweep, keeping him safe and protecting him from the twin dangers of smoke and flame.

You will also be supplied with extensive reading guide, instructions, and the lost history of the Victorian chimney sweep readers. Sweeping the chimney cost a penny. Divining the future cost sixpence.

Take a walk along the fog shrouded streets of olde London Town, where spiritualism and mesmerism vied for the attentions of the sensation hungry public, and Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes stalked the cobble-stoned alleyways of the legendary East End. This is the world of the Chimney Sweep’s Victorian Oracle. Available to order now!

The Chimney Sweep’s Victorian Oracle includes:
Victorian style replica tin.
Set of playing cards.
Full instructions and guide to using the oracle.
Full history of the Victorian chimney sweep readers.
Now also includes a guide to that other iconic Victorian London reading technique - the tea leaves!

The perfect tool for readers and performers alike. Order from
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PostSubject: Re: The Chimney Sweep's Victorian Oracle   Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:02 am

I received mine on Friday. It's a nice oracle system. It gives a good outline for a three part reading using the cards and pendulum. The meanings of the cards are simple to remember. The meanings are similar to there tarot counterparts, which I think will make it an easy system to learn if you are already familiar with tarot. However I can see it may have the advantage over tarot of being an item people are familiar with and have no fear of. I've got a few social occasions coming up where it will be a mix of friends and strangers where I'm going to try this out. I've high hopes that this will be popular with sitters, but will feedback when I've tried it properly.
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The Chimney Sweep's Victorian Oracle
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