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 I just bought...

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PostSubject: I just bought...   Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:20 pm

I just bought:
Tales of enchantment by Walt Anthony (for the info on storrytelling magic)
Maleficium by Paul Prater (for the bizarre effects)
simply simon by Simon Aronson (for the diary effects)

I simply just love Diary effects, I'm creating my own to suit my performance style and my character (which I haven't created yet-.

Most Diary effects are to simplistic, or are to complicated in method.
I have seen several versions of the Diary effect, the only one that came to my definition of a diary effect was Paul Gordon's that's why i'm using his version of a blue print of what a diary effect should look like, but i'm going to create one with my own method, once I get the details down.

If the details are worked out and everything runs smooth, I will be a happy guy. I have the routine already, all I need is the story, which is almost worked out, and the method, which I have already a possible solution for, just waiting for simply simon to arrive to mix even more methods together and see what beauty comes out of this shaping with methods.
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I just bought...
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