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Christopher J Gould
Christopher J Gould

Registration date : 2008-03-17

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PostSubject: manifesto   manifesto EmptyWed Dec 23, 2009 1:02 pm

Get your Manifesto here:


here is the jist, but not as loverly!

What is the overall aim of Alchemy Moon?

Alchemy Moon exists as a resource for those interested in the Mystery Arts. It exists solely for the benefit of its members.
It is a gathering place for mystery performers, 'mentalists', bizzarists, psychics, and philosophers of the metaphysical.

The aim is not to produce yet another forum. Alchemy Moon will be "content driven". This means that the main work of the Moon will not be seen in casual "chat". It will be an evolving repository of ideas and thought.

Alchemy Moon is aimed squarely at the working creator, performer and thinker. It's overriding aim is to define the art and take it into its next phase.

What will it do?

Well that is up to its members. The original admins have ideas - but these will develop to suit the needs of those that join. These are the main functions we envision at this point.

A message board aimed at positive, creative discussion for the benefit of EVERYONE; a forum for advancement of the art.

A message board that is independent of advertisers and the whims of the admins. We aim for true freedom of speech.

A home for thematic discussion. There will be several themes set by the Moon's members. The aim of these themes is to invite constructive debate, to evolve a consensus and evolve the art.

A home for discussion of particular principles and processes. The aim will be to take particular principles, such as 'one ahead', psychological forcing', hypnotism etc and discuss them. The purpose being to evolve and develop the principles through pooling intellect.

A place to discuss and develop effects and other output released by Moon members. For example; I release a project I have been working on, a thread is then set up specifically for this item. All of the Moon members and all of the customers who have bought the item discuss and enrich it. This leads to excellent after sales care and extends and develops the item.

A place to promote the work of the members of the Moon.

A safe, creative, and positive environment for creators and performers. One area of the Moon will be invite only. It will consist of a small handful of active creators/performers/thinkers. In this environment we can all test and constructively comment on each other's work. There will also be the potential to refine, develop and add to the work.

A Library and repository for the future.

How will all this be achieved?

The forum will be split into three areas.

1. The Open Chapter.
This will be open to anyone. Here we will have the open discussions and news.

2. The Inner Chapter.
This is where we discuss principles of the art. It is also where we discuss specific work produced by Moon members. This forum will be closed. Admittance will be through merit, or to voluntary workers on the moon (admins etc.). The exception to this will be a pass to anyone who has bought an item from a Moon member, to the thread discussing that particular item.

3. The Hidden Chapter.
This will be open to only a handful of members. Membership will only be granted to exceptional contributors to the art - and then only if there is unanimous agreement with existing members. Why? Because methods introduced will be openly discussed, new ideas, new material.

Here the core members will discuss and evolve the work, and have access to the Alchemy Moon library (a digest of ideas and principles developed on the three phases of the Moon).

How is it different from other forums?

Firstly, it is not really a forum at all. We hope to live peaceably next to all of the existing forii. Think of it as a research lab, a slowly developing library, a sharing of minds and resources.

It is not the place for lively discussion, or superficial banter. Sure, there is room for this in the outer forum - go and enjoy it! But the real purpose is the development of ideas. It is not the sort of place you might want to visit every day, but a resource for you to slowly contribute to and take from.

The site is aimed squarely at creators, performers, thinkers in the art. But, there is plenty here for the hobbyist, the casual performer, and even the mealy curious.

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Christopher J Gould
Christopher J Gould

Registration date : 2008-03-17

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PostSubject: Re: manifesto   manifesto EmptySun Dec 27, 2009 12:44 pm

more to come - stay tuned.

pm me with any questions - or better still, use the email address on the banner - I will your questions to the FAQ
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Christopher J Gould
Christopher J Gould

Registration date : 2008-03-17

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PostSubject: Re: manifesto   manifesto EmptySun May 30, 2010 6:11 am
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